• Discover one of CIAL Dun & Bradstreet’s most popular reports: the Business Information Report

    A report covering the legal, historical, operational, and financial framework of a company for risk management purposes

    With a BIR you can know: 

    • If your clients will pay you on time 

    • Other clients and partners of your customers 

    • If your clients have legal issues that might affect you 

    Choose the report that suits you the best:

    Commercial BIR 

    The information needed to 

    fully know your partners

    Comprehensive BIR

    Up to six years of financial information

    for a better assessment*

    In the following sections of the report you can find accurate and updated data to make the best business decisions:


    Company profile

    Company size, management, and scope. With data such as address, industry, property, and D-U-N-S® Number.

    Risk assessment

    Here you will find deeper data to assess the risk that a company involve:

    D&B Rating: credit ratings, financial health and risk factors

    Payment references: payment behavior that identifies if your clients pay on time, late or do not pay at all

    Financial strength and risk indicator with historical score


    Commercial Payments

    Records of payment behavior of local and international companies, without self-referrals or trade within the corporate family, based on our data network, the largest in the world

    Legal events

    Bankruptcy records, lawsuits, and other public filings to identify risks.

    Corporate linkage

    Relationship between companies and their branches to identify possible conflicts of interest, commercial hierarchy and critical points of credit risk. You can also identify business opportunities with other companies in the same group.