The D-U-N-S Number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses. It is used to establish a D&B business credit file, which is often referenced by lenders and potential business partners to help predict the reliability and/or financial stability of the company in question.
“D-U-N-S,” which stands for Data Universal Numbering System, is used to maintain up-to-date and timely information on more than 460 million global businesses. A D-U-N-S Number identifies a company’s Dun & Bradstreet business credit file, which may include firmographic data (company name, address, phone number, etc.), corporate family relationships (headquarters, branches, subsidiaries, etc.), and scores and ratings that assess different financial health indicators.

The D-U-N-S Number is used around the world to identify and access information on businesses. Potential partners and lenders can request a business credit report about your business using your D-U-N-S Number or other business identifiers. Equally, you can use the D-U-N-S Number to access the same information about any company with which you might wish to work.

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    Do business with governments and companies at home and abroad

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    Establish credibility with lenders and expedite applications for loans & contracts

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    Make sure other businesses get a complete and accurate story about your business

Who trusts the D-U-N-S Number?

  • The US Government: D-U-N-S Number required for government contracts
  • Apple: D-U-N-S Number required if you want to be on the App Store
  • Major Corporations: Required for suppliers to Walmart, Target, General Motors, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Volkswagen, and more
  • Businesses Across LATAM: CIAL Dun & Bradstreet has issued 32M+ D-U-N-S Numbers across Latin America
  • SMEs: Trusted by millions of small & medium enterprises across the globe
  • International Organizations: Used or required by the European Commission, the UN, the World Customs Organization, and more

A D-U-N-S Number is just the beginning

Establish credibility and grow your business by combining the D-U-N-S Number with other CIAL solutions designed for Small and Medium Enterprises

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