Build sustainable business relationships based on accurate information

Manual data collection from multiple sources limits your ability to efficiently and confidently verify your third-party relationships

Screen individuals and entities against global sanction lists, politically exposed person and anti-corruption lists, anti-money laundering lists, and more

High-speed, high-quality compliance platform

Compliance Watch is a dynamic software that allows you to conduct third-party due diligence and mitigate your company’s key compliance risks including trade compliance, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, and anti-fraud. From small businesses and community banks to enterprise class corporations and multi-national banks, Compliance Watch delivers precise and reliable compliance information to organizations of all sizes.  

Benefits of Compliance Watch

Speed and Accuracy

With unparalleled levels of data accuracy, and an easy to use platform, the platform scales to handle small and medium sized businesses to multi-national corporations

Comprehensive Screening Capabilities

View adverse media and screen against country-specific sanctions lists, watch lists, and politically exposed persons lists, ensuring regulatory compliance for your business as it expands its global footprint

Seamless Regulatory Reporting

Built-in, customizable reporting tool for regulatory audits explaining how the screening engine made a specific match

Why do I need Compliance Watch?

Third-party validation requires a trusted source of data that is constantly updated and adheres to shifting compliance regulations. Compliance Watch reduces the regulatory burden and makes compliance decisions quick and easy. The platform was designed by compliance experts to be user friendly and easily manageable so that it can help companies of all sizes meet complex regulatory requirements.

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