What is CIAL 360 Credit?

Currently, many credit teams manage critical operations, data collection, and processing in an outdated and manual manner.

SaaS platforms used by modern credit teams centralize and streamline data collection with rule-based analytics.

Speed up the sales cycle

Reduce multiple data collections and manual processing by half and quickly approve or escalate deals.

Make confident credit decisions

Boost the standardized and unbiased work of your analysts, generating analyses supported by the most complete commercial database.

Transparent customer evaluations

Share across your entire organization a single version of the truth with facts, data sets, histories and actions.

Increase consistency & build scalability

Increase the capacity of your team when you need it without incurring additional costs. Build additional evaluation segments in minutes.

Most used features of CIAL 360 Credit by Credit Managers

CIAL 360 Credit is powered with the latest, most comprehensive, versatile, and accurate commercial data available in the market.

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