Superior prospecting results through improved data quality

CIAL Prospecta’s robust database with accurate information on Brazilian companies can accelerate your strategic decision-making about new business prospects, clients, or partners.​

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Don’t waste your time sifting through out of date data on companies you are considering working with

Prospecta ensures your information is reliable so you can make confident decisions about prospects

4 modules to drive sales and make better targeting and marketing decisions

Data Quality

Enhance your current database by cleansing invalid fields and updating essential data such as CPF, CNPJ, company address, email, and phone numbers

Data Enrichment

Complete or fix missing fields in your database using CIAL’s qualified data sources

Data Segmentation

Generate a list of prospects based on diverse variables, like state, city, CNAE, company size, etc. Use our tool to discover new growth opportunities and to accurately map the competition

Data Intelligence

Define your ideal customer profile using economic, demographic, and geographic data

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