What is a Supplier Qualifier Report?

The SQR is the most comprehensive supplier report on the market, enabling you to access detailed information on any company and analyze that business’s capacity as a supplier. This report provides a clear financial and commercial overview to give more certainty on which suppliers to work with.

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The SQR makes it possible

Identify if a supplier represents a risk or an opportunity for your business

Compare companies in the same sector

Obtain greater negotiating power

Standardize data in your supply chain

An SQR allows you to manage risks with your suppliers or vendors by answering the following questions:

  • Are my suppliers facing problems that might affect their operations?
  • What other companies are my suppliers working with?
  • Are my suppliers capable of meeting my requirements on time?

Supplier Qualifier Report: your clear financial and commercial overview

Tax Certificate

Overview of a supplier’s tax payments and verification of arrears or debts.

Supplier Risk Indicator

Analysis of 12 key areas to determine if suppliers are facing problems that might affect your supply chain.

Main suppliers and clients

Customer references show how suppliers are perceived by their buyers and partners.

Payment References

Displays a company’s payment performance. Identify on-time payments and arrears.

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