What is a Credit Analysis Report?


The Credit Analysis Report allows you to determine what amount of credit you should grant your business partners. It contains key information on a business’s financial condition, payment behavior, and risk level.

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If you're asking these questions, the CAR may be for you


Will my customers pay on time?


What is the right amount of credit to grant a customer?


Do I have enough information about my customers to avoid losses?

Proprietary indicators to make informed credit risk decisions

Credit Risk Indicator

Represents the amount of risk at a commercial, economic, and financial level, considering 11 key financial and non-financial factors.

Credit Limit

The recommended amount to grant a customer, based on the Credit Risk Indicator.

Payment References

Gain insight into your customer payment behavior to identify possible arrears.

Interpretation of Ratios

Determines a customer’s efficiency, solvency, and profitability over the last three years.

Why should I get a CAR?

A Credit Analysis Report will recommend a reasonable credit limit for each of your clients. It takes more than a simple gut-check to arrive at this number, considering that the consequences of late payments or defaults can include damage to your balance sheet. The CAR is a report you can trust to avoid this type of negative effect on your business.

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