What is Collections?

Collections is an easy-to-use online platform that enables you to take control and monitor your accounts receivable. Don’t let past due accounts in your portfolio slow your growth. With over 170 years of experience and a global footprint, CIAL D&B is uniquely positioned to help businesses of any size more effectively recover past due payments from customers across Latin America. As we have the ability to impact a business’s credit score, companies have a high incentive to pay past due invoices when approached by CIAL.

Who is Collections for?


Companies with a large account management volume


Companies with a high volume of accounts receivable


Companies with a significant amount of past due invoices exceeding 90 days

How does Collections work?

Extrajudicial Collection

Before engaging in legal action,CIAL can manage collection efforts of your overdue accounts and provide you with a monthly collections status report.

Uncollectable Debts

In case of a completely unrecoverable debt, CIAL can help you collect previous tax payments made to the corresponding authorities for the unpaid invoices.

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