• When it comes to commercial credit, making the right decision depends on having accurate information. 

    Viewing a commercial credit report is an important first step in evaluating suppliers, customers, prospects, and partners to avoid non-payment, reduce exposure to bad debts, and maintain healthy cash flow. 

    It is possible to have a better and faster understanding of a company’s payment behavior based on its credit and financial profile. Identify how this could affect the financial health of your business in the future and your obligations’ fulfillment to make preventive decisions. 

    Is it that simple? Yes. 

    Our reports contain more than operational data and credit histories. They consist of various types of predictive and historical credit scores, as well as a comprehensive analysis of key qualitative and quantitative areas. They show you the reliability and financial stability of a company. They also have our recommendations to help you make business decisions faster and easier. 

    Thousands of companies of all sizes rely on our business credit reports to find meaning in their data. Thus, learning to correctly read your CIAL Dun & Bradstreet reports will allow you to assess the risks and potential damages behind any negotiation or choice of suppliers, partners and customers in a much more effective way. 

    Identify what problem you want to solve and learn more about the solutions we can provide: 

    1) I want to anticipate the risks of working with specific customers, suppliers, and partners, but with all the data available to conduct an in-depth analysis of their profiles.”   

    2) I want to determine what is the most appropriate and secure amount of credit to grant to my regular clients and prospects without putting me at risk or below the competition.” 

    3) I want to get a real-time view of the essential data of suppliers, customers, and partners to evaluate to make a quick decision, but with reliable fundamentals.”