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Compliance Watch is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows you to screen individuals or companies for due diligence purposes. Ensure your customers, suppliers, or partners are legitimate and not exposing your business to any risk by checking against global sanctions lists, watchlists, politically exposed person or corruptions lists, anti-money laundering watchlists, adverse media, and more.

Compliance Watch

This powerful and easy-to-use software checks individuals and companies against 400+ international watchlists. It even screens for adverse media, protecting you from entering into potentially hazardous partnerships.

Customize your watchlists based on your internal compliance procedures, or create a watchlist based on a client's requirements.

Enhance your due diligence program and build strong business relationships

Innovative Technology

Compliance Watch comes from CIAL Dun & Bradstreet, the data technology experts for over 150 years, so you know you are working with trustworthy information. The result is a precision search platform compatible with SFTP, FTP, and REST protocols, which can connect via API integration to your other business systems (Oracle, SAP, Swift, etc.).

Perform individual screenings for entities or individuals, or upload lists by batch. The platform's security and privacy controls include the ability to create permission-based user accounts for your employees.

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